We are based in Oslo and all our products are plant based and made with care in our small kitchen. We had this idea in 2017 and since then we have been growing steadily, promoting our brand, popping up at markets, perfecting our recipes and offering more products. Our online store is rocking it and we are ready to come up with new products and start producing on a larger scale.

We make our products similar to the products we used to consume before so we can enjoy them guilt free! We’re here to help spice up your meals, because we love making food and want to share our experience with you. 



We are concerned about businesses’ environmental impact and we want ours to be eco-friendly & sustainable. Therefore we steer clear of unnecessary plastic packaging, we encourage our customers to give back the mason jars, we use minimalistic product design and labeling, we deliver our products on our electric bike, and we meticulously plan our batches to avoid food waste. Our customers look for homemade vegan, fresh and local products, and that’s also why we don’t use additives like sugars or preservatives.


We are a small business with a big ambition. As of today we produce and sell from our kitchen, local markets, pop ups and we are on our way to start selling to local shops and restaurants. 

We are excited to start testing out different variations of our existing products. New mayo flavors, sausages and a spicy feta are around the corner. If you still haven’t tried our current products, take a look at where to find us.

Follow our journey on IG and support us, we would love to have your feedback. 🙂

 Chill, It’s Vegan team