Find Us

Where can you find our products?


We are exclusively selling our products at LOCO Sagene. A fully plant-based grocery store that opened in Oslo June of 2022. We will also collaborate on future pop ups, events and other projects so definitely keep an eye out on their social media accounts!

Local markets

We do a lot of pop ups at local markets & vegan friendly events. We always update our social media with the dates & times.

Our most frequented markets/pop ups

Søndagsmarkedet i Ingensgate which is located at Brenneriveien 9 (next to Blå). A cozy market open every Sunday with a lot of art, vintage, food and handcraft most of which are produced locally.

Krakabøla Østkantmarkedet located in the skatepark at Gamlebyen. A family friendly market open on Saturdays from late spring to early fall. Similar vibe to Søndagsmarkedet i Ingensgate.

Pop ups are more difficult to pin down as we usually get asked to show up to a one time event, but we always inform you about coming events on our social media.