Find Us

Where can you find our products?

We do a lot of pop ups at local markets & vegan friendly events. We always update our social media with the dates & times.

REKO markets

You can order our products in REKO groups on Facebook and come pick them up at a specific date and place. Read more about REKO.

REKO markets we attend frequently:





Our most frequented markets/pop ups

Søndagsmarkedet i Ingensgate which is located at Brenneriveien 9 (next to Blå). A cozy market open every Sunday with a lot of art, vintage, food and handcraft most of which are produced locally.

Krakabøla Østkantmarkedet located in the skatepark at Gamlebyen. A family friendly market open on Saturdays from late spring to early fall. Similar vibe to Søndagsmarkedet i Ingensgate.

Pop ups are more difficult to pin down as we usually get asked to show up to a one time event, but we always inform you about coming events on our social media.